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CDL data intelligence for Autonet
10th August 2016

Autonet has gone live on Hummingbird, a data intelligence solution from CDL that uses sub-second big data analysis to provide insights into consumer habits.

Hummingbird is a cloud-based solution capable of processing, in real-time, vast amounts of customer data, including aggregator, telematics and vehicle data as well as information from a range of sources such as consumer credit information, property information and claims history. 

Using this functionality, Hummingbird enables retailers to learn shopping habits and recognise what customers look for, what products or services they are interested in or might search for in the future, and what they are prepared to pay for those products. 

Ian Donaldson, managing director of Autonet, comments, "We intend to explore new and intelligent ways of utilising our own data and historic customer experiences to incorporate into our rating and pricing strategies. Working with CDL's Hummingbird solution will only improve our big data and analytics capabilities, enabling us to make educated and profitable decisions which will serve to benefit our customers."

CDL commercial director, Nigel Phillips (pictured), adds, "Thanks to its speed of analysis, Hummingbird can also tackle fraud before it happens; meaning that retailers can remove costs associated with quote manipulation pre-sale rather than after the event. By revealing the 'uncommonly common' patterns present in massive amounts of data, Hummingbird is unlike any previous data intelligence solution in terms of processing power, scale and speed."

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